Fifth Avenue……

“The activists who gathered on Fifth Avenue on Saturday afternoon included high school and college students, as well as New York members of the Black Lives Matter movement.” Source: Hundreds March On Trump Tower Ahead Of MLK Day They demonstrate as they refuse to accept lawful process of election results. It thus becomes, insurrection. Let […]

via CBS NewYork | Hundreds March On Trump Tower Ahead Of MLK Day — Brittius


3 thoughts on “Fifth Avenue……”

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  2. This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen.
    JUST THINK FOR A MINUTE. What if when Barry won everyone lined the streets and revolted. OH, OF COURSE WE WOULD HAVE BEEN RACIST!

    You know, I cannot help but feel bad for the Trump and the Pence families. This should be a time their families can enjoy the fact they have arrived at a place very few do. They have the opportunity to carve another path into this nation. Make a difference in this world as they were elected to do. Yet, we have this thing that Barry has created. He along with the community organizations (as they might like to call it), and Bill Aires, however you spell his name. I don’t even understand why the likes of a Bill A. and his wife could be given jobs teaching when they were trying to blow up things.

    The Trump -Pence families are probably nervous about this. The wives, the children. They have a magnificent attitude, but why do people have to try to ruin this day of inauguration? That saddens me. We suffered 8 years if Obama, give the new President a chance. He has worked harder than Obama ever did and he is not in office yet!

    I get mad when I just think about the money their family spent in Hawaii EVERY SINGLE month of December! He has flown overseas with his aunterage more times than I can count. I would like to know what that count is.

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