What is the downside?

The Goomba Gazette

In Trump’s ongoing feud about Russia, he says those opposed to better relations ‘fools’


I did a post on this 12-11-16.

What can be better

I will stress IF again. IF everything is kosher, on the up and up, what could be better if the most two powerful countries in the world had a working relationship? Absolutely nothing, providing the IF is in place.

Instead of bumping heads and beating the chest for dominance, it would benefit the entire world if DT and the Judo guy had an open line of communication and a mutual respect for one another.

Respect is the name of any game.

For the last 8 years, Obama and Putin have been locking horns for supremacy and one of them (we all know who) came out on the losing end and made himself and his country look very weak.

Wild Goats Fighting

The game of international politics is played by a…

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One thought on “What is the downside?”

  1. Isn’t it funny that four years ago, Obama chided Mitt Romney for suggesting that Russia was our “biggest enemy”. Let me see…I think the phrase was, “The 80’s are calling…they want their foreign policy back”. And here are the Democrats all up in arms over, North Korea? No. Iran? No. Venezuela? No. It’s Russia! Hmm….


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