This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

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Source: This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

We can’t have foreign governments influencing our elections……..we have our own government agencies willing to do that!

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The DHS taking over our elections may just be wishful thinking on the part of it’s current director; soon to be replaced.   I wouldn’t get too excited about this ever happening.


6 thoughts on “This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections”

  1. On August 28th 2013 Janet N. made these remarks in her speech as she left as Secretary of Homeland Security.
    (You can find her full speech online).
    “The departing US Homeland Security Secretary used her farewell speech to warn the nation’s leaders of an impending “serious” cyber-attack as well as a natural disaster, the impact of which will dwarf Hurricane Sandy and other disasters in recent memory.” (Google for full speech.)

    When I read the header of the Executive Order that Obumer signed at the end of December 2016… “TAKING ADDITIONAL STEPS TO ADDRESS THE NATIONAL EMERGENCY WITH RESPECT TO SIGNIFICANT MALICIOUS CYBER-ENABLED ACTIVITIES “. …
    Then add all the Israel, America and the UN AGENDA coming up, and all the stuff being said making it sound like our elections were effected by Russia and that is the only reason Trump won. Well, I immediately remembered the speech Janet made on her way out. The warning she gave which at that time seemed very strange.


  2. Tell me that these are not the same people that can’t find AK-47 in a carry-on suitcase. TELL ME these are not the people that reinstated carrying knives under 4 inches on flights a short time after 9/11 . Their list of incompetence is endless. Now to make matters even worse they are going to B in charge of the voting process in the United States. Where does the stupidity ever end?

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    1. Will for now, the director (who is about to be replaced) wants to B in charge of the voting process. The stupidity will never end……but it can be lessened (drain the swamp…..and keep the drain open).


      1. Keep on slugging AL. It is people like us that supported DT that put him over the top. I don’t want to forget Bruttis.
        DT will make America great once again. Then possible all of the naysayers will have all followed the lead sheep over the cliff to their political demise, just like Bill’s bride did.


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