Whatever Happened To “Act Professional”?

Desert Musings

Remember after the election? Remember that while Hillary was crying and sobbing, and getting drunk, and throwing things at everybody in the room, blaming everybody but herself for the election night crushing she took, there was somebody else that was upset with the loss, but took it like a man.

At least, we thought that.

Barack Obama was only joking. He went to the podium and told a packed press room that George W. Bush and his staff had extended every courtesy to himself, and his staff when they came into the White House, and he had instructed his staff to follow that example. I guess he didn’t want to include himself in that direction. He’s acting like a spoiled baby.

Obama wants the world to know that he intends to be president right up until 12:00pm on January 20th. We get that, and he’s entitled to that. But where…

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