ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Deplorables perform at Inauguration?


I don’t really think the scheduled performers at the Inauguration are deplorable.   So, they aren’t a bunch of house hold names like Elton John (I don’t exactly think of Elton as an American entertainer), Garth or Celine Deon (Canadian).   Do we want Beyonce singing and dancing on stage……bouncing her jewels and exposing herself head to ……..toe.   Trump got criticize for speaking of such things.

Lesser name performers fits in perfectly with this Inauguration.    We commoners got Trump elected.   Take as much local talent across the nation that are outstanding but lack the fame……..give them the chance to perform, where others with fame declined; because their feelings still hurt or are just simple jerks.

The media making a big deal, making an issue out of who isn’t coming rather than who is.  As if the Inauguration won’t be successful without Lady Gaga….?    The elite entertainers (I say that loosely), that make a point they will not be there…..its about attention and arrogance.   Guess what, this nation elected Donald Trump without you……we’ll swear him in to office, without you.    Stick to your tours.

5 thoughts on “ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Deplorables perform at Inauguration?”

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Beyonce sounds like Popeye when she sings. All the others have swollen egos. The People, the common person, should have the entertainment, and it will give them a very nice chance. If I were being inaugurated, it would be a mix from barrom bands, bluegrass, Western Swing, all music that is truly American plus, I would want school children playing music, singing, dancing, and having a good time. It would be a reminder who, we should be thinking of and their futures rest upon our decisions. E Pluribus Unum.


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