Argentine dictatorship and the USA — Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself: The US Supported Argentina’s ‘Death Flights’ 18 December 2016 Recently released files on Plan Condor reveal the dirty role the U.S. played during Argentina’s brutal dictatorship and how it supported the dumping of the bodies in the ocean. Related articles US to Release Secret ‘Dirty War’ Files – But Argentinians […]

via Argentine dictatorship and the USA — Dear Kitty. Some blog

Add this link below to NY in relation to above.


6 thoughts on “Argentine dictatorship and the USA — Dear Kitty. Some blog”

      1. He was a very poor selection and I suspect fear of death was involved.
        In the entire history of the Catholic Church, the only Good pope, was not Italian, he was Polish. Everyone was upset when Pope John Paul-II was made pope because he was not Italian, but he was the very best there ever was. We were blessed to have him as pope.
        The history of the Catholic Church, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired. The current guy is political, and I suspect involved with the power puppet masters. As a kid, I was beaten by nuns, because I was left handed. Lost a bit of my hearing in both ears. During one beating, while forced to kneel, I was told to figure out why I was being beaten with mop handles. Answer, Jesus was left handed. Go to church and His right hand is raised to the Almighty, while performing miracles with His left hand. Today I am ambidextrous. I can write equally with both hands. Throw a ball and catch with either hand, and shoot with both hands. I also refuse to kneel in any church. Because of the way I am, my family handed the roll of Sentinel to me, from my father’s brother, under Sicilian laws. The Sentinel, guarded families in churches and graveyards where attacks were made and the Sentinel is always heavily armed. The corrupt priests, gave intelligence to enemies so the attacks could be made against families. This past week a family burial. I was in the cemetery an hour early, and remained at the back, and left as the last person to leave gravesite. Tradition. Can’t trust priests or their leadership, the pope.

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      2. Wow..that’s a lot to soak in. I wasn’t raised Catholic, I converted when I was about 30 years old; I found the Catholic mass to be more interesting, I was more focused on the sermons, and all. I always heard of the nuns, who many taught in the schools…. pull you by the ears and beating your knuckles with a ruler and the like. My kids went to the Catholic school through 8th grade, but the only nun in the school was the principal. My daughter went to Catholic high school, a priest was their principal. I do have many issues with the Catholic Church today as well. I agree with you 100% Pope John Paul II was the best. My daughter took communion from Pope John Paul when he visited St. Louis. many years ago. I also agree this Pope is extremely political…….it really ticked me off when he criticized Trump on Mexico and the wall. Really, the Vatican has a wall!!! I really have a problem with so many priest and child sex abuse. You are an interesting man my friend; glad or pathes have crossed!

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