Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House | — Brittius

Obama is still suffering from his delusions which apparently have been made worse with the depression he dealing with, like most true believers in the fraud we know as Hillary Clinton. In es… Source: Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House | Relax. Like I used to say, of other people, of […]

via Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House | — Brittius

Interesting editorial!

12 thoughts on “Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House | — Brittius”

      1. You made your comment “You have forever lost your right to complain…..You have become an official enabler.” on a comment I made of a reblog which was “Interesting editorial”. To find the actual post by JCscuba, you would have to click back a couple of links to get his post. Do you just read the headlines and perceive how you want it be or sound with out reading the story that follows? Maybe you do read through it, but its beginning to look to me, that you don’t and I could wrong. I know you are smarter than that. I can do better, we all can do better….you can do better. The news? The news is getting more difficult to determine truth and “false”. So much has been false. Anything that benefits one side is truth, to that side, and of course false to the other. It goes both ways. I’m not getting into truth vs. lies from the media here………I don’t have the time. Its like the boy that cried wolf, then no body believed him. Learning the truth is difficult when those that were supposed to bring us news of the world can no longer be trusted. We’re supposed to believe the CIA, because they said so? Have a good day,……….and I truly mean that.


      2. Yes I do research even the most ridiculously titled posts to verify that they are indeed false. You should do the same or lose your credibility. Your frequent excuse of merely reblogging does not absolve you. It makes you part of the problem. Have a good day yourself.


  1. Thank you. I would also book him as “John Doe” until he produces a real birth certificate. Run him for warrants as a John Doe (billions of active warrants) and hold him without bail (where the s.o.b. belongs).

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