I ran across these photographs this morning.  They are very interesting.  You will not see any smiles from the people of North Korea; at least not caught on this photographer’s camera.   There may be an even bigger story here, that I will attempt to find.   How did the photographer smuggle his camera into North Korea?   He did mention he had to smuggle it in.  How is it, he was able to take so many revealing pictures when he was accompanied by a guide everywhere he goes, as an outside visitor?

The photographer is Michal Huniewicz.   Just from a quick google…..I see there is much to learn about Mr. Huniewicz.   It is amazing he is still alive or not imprisoned, clicking all those shots of North Korea.   I’ll be checking his website!



  1. Consider the freedoms that would not exist for those here in America if the tables were turned. No more flag burning and likely a lot more graves for exercising rights many take for granted.Stunning pics of North Korea, good find.


    1. Those were only a few of his photos. The ones I posted with the link were while he was on the train. There is a story there, that I’m going to write this evening. Its pretty fascinating how he pulled off taking pictures. Then there are the photos he took once off the train at his destination. I haven’t gotten that far yet. My story on what he did is kind of a summary of his description of the photos and how he managed to take and hide them. The guy is fortunate he is not in a North Korean prison.


  2. Maybe this is the kind of environment Al Gore visualizes, no pollution, no cars, no heat, not farm equipment, and every thing looks neat clean and well cared for, or at least in the cities. Let me guess, Gore would still be living in his mansion while the rest of us would be working the fields by hand!!!! Now I get the picture.

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