The Global Elite: Who Are They?

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Source: The Global Elite: Who Are They?

A bit lengthy article, but very informal…….and I believe to be very “right on”!   This post includes a list of member names of the organizations with the same globalist goals but attack from different perspectives and interests!   A good skim read in the least!


2 thoughts on “The Global Elite: Who Are They?”

  1. As long as we have people in power who willingly sell their souls for a bowl of cornmeal mush, the American government and the America people will never live up to the potential that our forefathers envisioned. This has been going on since the days of Cain and Abel. Jesus Christ is the only entity who can put a stop to this madness and that will happen on his return to earth when he sets up God’s Kingdom — on earth as it is in Heaven. I believe that Trump won this election not so much as to turn America around, but as a way to slow down the speed at which we, here in America, and the rest of the world was being taken under/over by the evil’s of the Soros’ of this world.

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