I am by no means comparing the character or political savvy of Donald Trump to JFK.  JFK warned us; warned them, the secret societies; who we didn’t believe existed, of the plot against America.

Donald Trump campaigned on exposing the Elite Establishment, who vigorously fought him every inch of the way.  All I am saying is:   Look what they did to Kennedy.  No, Lee did not kill Kennedy alone.  He was not what we now refer to as a “Lone Wolf”.

The Secret Service has their work cut out for them.  Trump not only had/has an Establishment fighting against him but world leaders that fear him; fear he may actually consider what is best for Americans for once rather than kissing their behinds.  Globalists are not happy with the results of the U.S. election.  Trump could set them back…..years.  How dare an American President place his own people before the rest of the world population.   Wasn’t there enough money from somewhere to buy Trump off?   Nope….they gave it to Hillary.

Trump vs the secret societies, those Kennedy warned us about.   Trump represents Americans. The secret societies?  ……Their own agenda (world dominance).   I pray for the Donald………



      1. The big push to urge the electorates to “vote their conscience” is widespread. At least one of the electorates has already resigned in protest against Trump. I agree that it would probably cause a revolution for them to go against the people. I’ve learned this year to expect the unexpected. I know the Dems did not expect Trump to win, and they are not done fighting yet. They are scrambling, trying to figure out some way to regain a little power. All I know is, I’ll be glad to see Dec 20.


  1. You are absolutely right. The globalist will not take this lying down. They will do something. The first thing I think they will do is crash the world economies. The second thing is bring on WWIII. Remember, The Donald and Romney (a globalist) are not that far apart in ideology. They are both top tier Freemason’s. You talk about a secret society, you simply cannot get any more secret than the Masonic Lodge. Oh Lord I do pray that you come quickly.


  2. What I find interesting is the one professor who has called every election right over the last 35 years has stated that regardless who was elected, they wouldn’t serve out their full term. You came to the same conclusion ol’ friend!


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