You sensitive, easily offended cry babies known as millenials, that can not express yourself and what it is exactly that upsets that weak stomach of yours, seem to think you are being creatively defiant by burning the U.S. (OUR) FLAG!   Why did you do it?  Your answer:   “Ummmmm…….I don’t like this nations policies, and I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.”   That’s it?   Many answers to the what are you protesting question are “Ummmmmm….(with a glassy lost stare)”.  You, the people offended and upset when you see the U.S. flag need to go back to class where the pathetic professor can give you a coloring book and play dough to comfort you or back home to mommy and daddy who taught you nothing about respect for that flag that has given you the right to be and act as stupid as you want; until you risk the safety of others.
The right to burn the flag is an age-old question.  The Supreme Court gave you the right to burn the flag.  In the past, flag burners as disrespectful as they were, could at least tell you why?   When the right to burn the flag was preserved by the Court, they did so as a practical or technical right.   Yes, technically it is an expression of free speech, said the Court (not in those exact words…but); but Judge Scalia also said…….he’d like to throw all those burning the flags asses in jail.
You might have the right to burn the flag; but do you have a right to burn it in public?  In many communities you may not!   Being it is a flag is irrelevant in communities that have fire codes.   It is unlawful to burn objects any object on the streets of a community like St. Petersburg, Florida without a burning permit.   You do not have the right to put citizen’s safety at risk.  Some laws are even on the books to protect you from you!   In these communities you are getting away with it because the burning flag may only last a few minutes.  Granted, most of these fire bans are for continuous burning…..such as a barrel of trash or lighting a pile of your ex-husbands clothes in the middle of a downtown street.
I may be stretching the  point here a bit……but hey it’s my right, right?
Here are a couple of sections from fire codes (city ordinances…..LAWS) in a couple of cities in the U.S.:
From the St. Petersburg, FL fire code.
Sec. 13-30. – Burning and lighted objects.


Throwing hot or burning substances. It shall be unlawful for any person to throw hot or burning substances, or objects such as cigars, cigarettes, papers, matches and ashes from windows and doors on any building, or PUBLIC PLACE or from any moving vehicle.

Moody, AL – (Ordinance)
Sec. 14-1. – Starting fires prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation or association, to willfully ignite, set, or in any way start a fire either on his own premises or on those of another, unless the Moody fire department has granted express permission and/or a permit for the starting of the fire. The burden is on the person, firm, corporation or association to give actual notice to the Moody fire department of intention to start a fire and request such permission and/or permit.

I find you flag burning jack asses more than pathetic.   But, I thank God every time I see one of you, that we do not have to depend on YOU for protecting against real threats to this nation.  I would hate to rely on YOU as a last line of defense.   So, go color your book, get that hug from mommy……go back to doing what you do.   Know that someone, somewhere in a uniform has your pathetic ass covered!



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