So what really is in it for Jill Stein to petition for a recount of the presidential election votes in critical states?   Attention for the future?   More name recognition?  Doing this as a service, to protect the integrity of the democratic election process?   Is it the year of the HACK; hacking voting machines may be too easy?

As I see it, one of two things can happen and will we really know the truth?  1) it is discovered illegal voters, illegal immigrants, and the dead voted for Hillary in massive numbers which gave her a bogus popular vote win.   2) The machines were hacked by Soros and/or the crooked DNC (they have a history) and Hillary still lost.   Trump may end up winning both the electoral and popular vote.   This may be why Hillary and the Democrats have not joined the Stein recount party.

So after writing this post, now discover; Hillary is in on the recount.   Of course, its someone else’s money.




  1. I don’t think a recount would change the outcome, but I would like to see elections audited. It would give the electorate more faith in our system. Many people on both sides seem to think that are elections are rigged in some way. It would also alleviate the worries of some that Russians hacked more than just two voter registration databases. It would confirm that our country’s voting system is too strong to be infiltrated to that degree by a foreign power.

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    1. I know election judges on election day for the most part just check your name against the registry when come in to vote. Not sure they could do anymore than that. Its modern technology that is suspect to possible fraud activity. Digital fixing? Paper balloting only, takes way too long, and its not perfect either. I agree with you though, there needs to be some a better auditing, checks system to lessen what cheating there is.


  2. I respectfully disagree with the suggestion there are only two possibilities as to what a recount would find. While I personally detest the result of the election. I don’t want to see it overturned. The country couldn’t handle it and whatever proof that may exist would never be accepted by a large part of the populace.
    I think your suggestion of huge numbers of illegal immigrants voters and illegal immigrants voting in large numbers is demonstrably wrong. Most stories that support that view are false.
    You suggest the possibility that machines were hacked by George Soros or the DNC and don’t discuss the elephant in the room which is Russia. Because of the decentralized nature of our elections. I think it would be very hard to rig an election on a nationwide scale. I don’t have any reason to believe until given some that Russia has that capacity. I do see that they have the ability to influence our elections in other ways and have done so in this election.
    I respect that you have a point of view as do I. I try to recognize the other side and appreciate their views as well. Some of which are merited.
    You offer to write on suggested topics and I have one for you. Voter Suppression. A coordinated attempt to impact who can vote and is specifically targeted against minorities, students and others more likely to vote Democratic. It goes far beyond mere Voter ID which also discriminates in terms of what types of ID is allowed and in many cases imposes an unconstitutional poll tax in order to comply. I think my telling you what happens won’t go nearly as far as doing the research for yourself. Some of the easiest places to start would be North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Alabama. I hope you take me up on this and that we can have a conversation on it. Take care!

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    1. I was speaking of one two I saw that could happen. What could happen may be unforeseen. Who knows. I also agree that, and I mentioned this in a conversation I had, it would be very difficult for a nationwide election to be rigged. Too checks and there are more honest people out there than dishonest. You’d have to have an awful lot of people on the same corrupt page to pull if off. I appreciate your comments…. Look forward to future conversation.

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