I have said for years the UN was worthless, a waste of funding. They are only a screen to make citizens of countries believe they’re country and the alliance are actively seeking peaceful solutions and human rights. A farce!

HarsH ReaLiTy

We failed in Syria. The United States missed the window of opportunity we had to fully support the rebels there before Russia arrived and now it has become so confused we don’t know who is on what side. Or maybe we do know. Maybe our media wants us to think the government is confused to validate why we aren’t helping.

Syria has shown what a joke the UN is. A peace keeping force made up of all the nations that won’t/can’t lift a finger without those same nations all saying they want the same action. It is an impossible organization because there are never just two sides to any conflict.

If the UN wanted to stop this they could. But like NATO… they are a shell only. A show of force without force. The UN fails daily around the world and we expect different each day without any evidence that…

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