A Land of Outrage

Well said.

KingMidget's Ramblings

OK.  So I lied.  I think you all know me well enough now to know I wasn’t going to keep quiet.

While I am trying to reduce my exposure to the political wars, I’m not completely free from it yet.  So, I read things, I hear things on the news, and I wonder if the only thing left for us is outrage.

You may recall the outrage of the right when Barack Obama was elected.  Some of that outrage started to bubble up before he was elected.  He was secretly a Muslim, Michelle was really a man, the Obamas were a Potemkin family.  The Obama story was carefully crafted decades ago by William Ayers, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the KGB.  Or something like that.  Once he was elected, the Republican Party became the party of no, bent on preventing a second Obama term.  That didn’t go so well, although…

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