New York City mayor tells Trump about ‘how fearful’ residents are —

Watch VideoNew York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday he conveyed to President-elect Donald Trump concerns he has about immigration policies that would merge the roles of police officer and immigration agent, and how “fearful” citizens are about proposed changes. The liberal mayor met with Trump Wednesday, despite de Blasio’s frequent criticism of Trump. “It…

via New York City mayor tells Trump about ‘how fearful’ residents are —

And the MSM and mayors and politicians opposed to Trump have hammered it into the heads of residents that they should be fearful.    These groups are spreading fear.

8 thoughts on “New York City mayor tells Trump about ‘how fearful’ residents are —”

  1. Warren Wilhelm Jr. – de Blasio’s real name – has his head where the sun doesn’t shine I am going to do the trantella on national TV when Trump proves them all wrong. Trump is going to be the president for the people, not just the selected few as we are so used to seeing. I hope all of the naysayers like the taste of crow. They will be eating a lot of it in the near future. But on the other hand, people like Warren would never give anyone the satisfaction for them to admit they were wrong.

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    1. Yeah….Warren is nuts! Warren reminds of one of those high school kids that thought they had to be in the middle of everything, acted like they were smarter than everyone, had to have their way; but are the ones everyone else talked about. How annoying they are!


      1. I watched the mayor convey to the people what he said were concerns of Newyorkers and honestly he seemed like a little man who thinks Trump is obligated to consult him about the choices he will make as PRESIDENT I wrote that in caps so old Bill gets the message he is a tiny man compared to the presidency And the mayor needs to keep that in mind. Of course I am biased as I cannot stand the mayor!

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