When was the last time our government did anything you applauded?  It has been this way for a long time, they no longer work for you, they only take.     Don’t say Obamacare……not for the majority of us anyway.    They create a program, tell you it’s in your best interest, but only benefits a few, very few.   Deceit, is expensive and the middle class always pays the highest price and receives nothing in return.  Insurance benefits?   It isn’t a benefit, it is a service most of us pay for; more and more and get less and less.

Corruption runs amuck at every governmental level.   The political establishment in Washington is a Brother and Sisterhood, a Washington Crime Syndicate (Clinton Crime Syndicate) they protect each other and it makes no difference what side of the aisle you sit.    They all have so much on each other, corruption runs like a wild river with no end.   In Washington, it is second nature to have something or know something on all; so the corruption circle jerk spins on and on.   How the Hell do you think the Clinton’s survive their daily behavior.   Chelsea, didn’t fall from the tree as we now know as well.   Obama, oh my God yes Obama, the head master, but his corruption is unmatched with the Clinton’s; Hillary in particular.  Hillary wrote The Book on Corruption.  She runs on cold blood.  AG Lynch, takes her orders from Obama, but she took an oath to uphold the constitution as well; and she has not!   The White House, the State Department, DOJ and the DNC, all corrupt and yes the Republican’s standby and watch ………….do nothing.   The FBI Director?    I venture to say this is not his first cover-up.

Hillary was the chosen one, she’ll do as the master bosses say (Rothschild and Illuminati and Soros).   She is The Puppet!   They’ll feed her with wealth, and she’ll do as they say because she has no choice.   She was bought long ago, there is no going back for Hillary; even if she wanted and she doesn’t.   She loves where she is, corrupt and sick, but wealthy with a Title.   She does not represent us and she never will; she works for herself and those that feed her.   This is how a monster is created and survives.

With all the corruption, and a government that is no longer for or of the people; they are pushing us, intentionally pushing us towards further unrest.   They are pushing us to revolution.  Listen to your Founding Fathers!

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