CONFIRMED: Obama Now Planning To Pardon Hillary Of ALL CRIMES

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They Both Deserve To Be Tried For TreasonSource: Martin Walsh

The American people deserve to know whether or not President Barack Obama will pardon Hillary Clinton between Election Day and the inauguration of our next president on January 20, 2017.

Last week, Hillary Clinton received two October surprises. The first came on Friday when FBI Director James Comey sent a very short letter to Congress explaining that he would be reopening the investigation into Clintons use of a private email server to send and receive classified information.

The second came when the FBI opened up an additional investigation into the Clinton Foundation for their years of “pay-to-play” while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. This investigation was spawned because of the thousands of emails released by WikiLeaks.

If Hillary Clinton wins this election, sources working with the White House have indicated that President Obama will likely pardon Hillary Clinton of all her crimes that the FBI is investigating her for.

They Really Are Stronger Together


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6 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Obama Now Planning To Pardon Hillary Of ALL CRIMES”

    1. I am disappointed in our entire government. Someone who has lied so much and clearly has put this country in a national security risk plus all the crimes as Secretary of state and taking the money from these foreign governments through the foundation. No one will convince me that their isn’t wrongful actions there and it certainly is not a mistake.

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    2. I agree, this is pathetic. Only I have a more drastic response…….it would be truly time for a coup/revolution. A pardon by Obama would in itself be treasonous. He is protecting a treasonous crime against this country. He is doing so, because he can be implemented as well. They are both traitors. Everyone of our founders are spinning right now. Wondering why we are not fighting for our freedom, and caving into these traitors.

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