I’m ‘Out of Here’ if Donald Trump Wins, Charles Rangel Says — Observer



Charles Rangel called the idea of Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton “a nightmare I can’t even think about.”

via I’m ‘Out of Here’ if Donald Trump Wins, Charles Rangel Says — Observer

Another false promise!


5 thoughts on “I’m ‘Out of Here’ if Donald Trump Wins, Charles Rangel Says — Observer”

  1. Bye bye Charlie. However from Brittlus’ comments I gather at one time you were on the right side of our country. I guess maybe you can be labeled another McCain. Both you and McCain served America. However, somewhere along the way both of you — McCain and Rangel — obviously have fallen off the wagon of duty, honor and country. Probably because, like so many in Washington, D.C., you have sold your soul for a bowl of porridge.


  2. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Rangel, is one of the few people in the US Congress, who has always, helped veterans. Nobody can take that away from him. He fought in an infantry platoon during the Korean War. When he was all over the front page of newspapers for napping on the beach, veterans, including myself, shouted for him to be cut some slack. But issues kept coming up. Ethics issues. He got through it. Now, he wants to leave. Charlie, we all wish you the very best in your well earned retirement. Take a nap wherever you find comfort. Enjoy a pineapple soft drink that you are fond of. But consider this, with a real president, such as Trump, on behalf of all veterans, this would be the time that you are needed most. This would be the time your experience as a combat infantryman, would shine and help today’s generation of veterans. Whatever you chose, Charlie, we all wish you, the very best of luck. I met Charlie a few times, and in my opinion, he is a good guy, despite what some may have issues with him. He is from an older generation. I remember when I was a teenager, I met Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., in Harlem, and he was very engaging, and very smart. Powell and Rangel, both, helped their district and, helped New York. Powell is long gone. Rangel, deserves his retirement.


    1. Touche! Thanks for the bio on Charlie, I didn’t know a lot of that. I never really had a problem with him, he at least seemed to listen and care. I didn’t always agree with him, but that’s how its supposed to work. Just don’t leave because your candidate “might” not make it. I’m sure he was just trying to make a point with his threat to leave.

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