When Wikileaks releases emails from loose mouth/key puncher Podesta to and from Hillary, Abedin, and whoever they shared classified information or word of another investigation; they start groping.  They are groping for more trash and fake accusations as they can drum up to take attention off of Hillary and sweet Huma.

Hillary insists, that Trump has a connection to Putin……..that they have a conspiracy against Hillary and influencing the election.   Hillary!!!   The uranium………you provided our uranium to Putin, you made a deal with Putin.   That was you in the mirror with Putin, not Trump.   Of course most of us know that Hillary will say anything and do anything for a vote.   Ask Obama, he has said as much.   Michelle O. even understands that Hillary can’t run the White House, when she can not run her own house.   Michelle said as much.  Had to throw that in.

Hillary isn’t the only one groping, she has her campaign team and democrats feeling around in the garbage dumpster as well.   The trash is really smelling.   Lets not forget the media trying to spin, best they can, the re-opened email investigation.  Nothing there they say, following Hillary’s lead……..   Well, how many times have we heard that line?   “I did not have classified information on my server, or emails. I have given the FBI all my work related emails.”;  and oh it runs in the family “I did not have sex with that woman” ……and on and on.

Rachel Maddow, groping; relating to KKK support and voter intimidation by the GOP……..like somehow what the KKK supports or endorses is Trump’s fault.   Of course that is how the liberal media thinks.   They turn nothing into something when it benefits their agenda and something into nothing when it is an annoying inconvenience to them!  The media and journalism is not supposed to be entertainment……..mostly fictional.  It was once an informational news source.  Gone are the days!



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