Hillary is calling in her chips, her favors from all the other corrupt politicians and office holders in Washington.  What do those latest emails from the Weiner household really include?  Mass exposure of Washington corruption?   Hillary has called on the likes of Harry Reid to trash FBI Director James Comey for announcing they have re-opened the Clinton email investigation.

Reid, that straight arrow senator, has said “Comey may have broken the law”.    Harry Reid, like party leader Hillary Clinton, doesn’t know the difference in lawful and unlawful. Sounds like everyone in Washington is in panic mode, fearful of what may be revealed.   They are in joint conspiracy fashion, desperately COVERING-UP for Hillary, and their own asses!  No wonder the same First Lady that trashed Hillary as unfit for the White House during her husband’s campaign, is prancing around the country singing her praise.   Barack, how much do you really know?   You’ve lied before, often!  This, may be the biggest exposure of the Washington political filthy establish in the history of our country.  Obama’s and the Clinton legacy; the Clinton Crime Syndicate!

3 thoughts on “ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Harry Reid?”

  1. Hold on tight! We thought the ride had hit turbulence but we ain’t seen nothing yet! We thought we were in the twilight zone but the show is about to get even weirder. I am only speculating but I pray that God does something so amazing that in the end we will all be saying…This was clearly the hand of God! Praise the name of the Lord!

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