The FBI just made an announcement about Hillary Clinton and her emails, and it doesn’t look good for her — RareRare

With the election less than two weeks away, the FBI just made a huge announcement regarding Hillary Clinton and her emails. FBI Dir just informed me, “The FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” Case reopened — Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) October 28, 2016 According to a…

via The FBI just made an announcement about Hillary Clinton and her emails, and it doesn’t look good for her — RareRare



5 thoughts on “The FBI just made an announcement about Hillary Clinton and her emails, and it doesn’t look good for her — RareRare”

  1. There is no way the FBI can conclude an investigation into thousands of emails in the span of 10 days. This will most assuredly will do what WikiLeaks should have done…taint her election. I’m not saying just yet that it will stop her from being elected…but the smell is certainly there.

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    1. Then give her what she ask for; release the information. She knows they won’t, until an investigation is complete. Its why she made the statement, to look like she has nothing to hide. We’ve seen that pony show time after time, only to find the lies and dirt. I’d release something, just what it was that they found on Wiener that connected back to Hillary. It leads to Huma…….but you get the feeling there is something big there. So, big and outlandish for the FBI to re-open, and they aren’t sharing until they can see just how deep it really goes. I get the feeling its a national security issue and more…….was Hillary involved with Weiner’s sexcapades? Was it a Huma/Anthony/Hillary triangle of corruption and sex? Huma’s family is Muslim and have connections with the Muslim Brotherhood…….did Huma leak classified and national security issues with the Brotherhood, and its on Anthony’s servers? Rumors have it, that Hillary sold national security secrets with Arabs……secrets for cash! I think the FBI is sitting on something unlike we have ever seen, something extremely treasonous, and who does the chain include. Possibly Obama even? There is more to this than we can imagine. That is my opinion. Watergate was a petty crime!

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      1. I’m inclined to agree with you…Watergate WAS a serious crime, but it never had a criminal pattern to it. It was Nixon making a stupid mistake in not revealing what he knew to the world, firing the people involved, and then apologizing for it. What he did was stupid and criminal. What she has done is blatently criminal and has done it for 40 years!

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      2. I was in college during Watergate. I was studying political science. Back then it was serious for a president, anyone in government to cover-up a crime. Nixon did make a stupid mistake. He didn’t plan or give his blessings for a break-in; he just covered people up when he found out. STUPID! The real shame, before all this he was doing good things. He put a freeze on prices, gas cost rising. He was bombing the hell out of the HO Che Ming (spelling, to lazy to check) Trail, that was winning the V. War., oh I mean conflict. Our political science classes (I don’t remember exactly which class it was), we talked about Watergate every class. It dominated our class discussion. It was big stuff then. It shows you how low we have become, that someone like Hillary and Bill Clinton and her clan can escape. The thought that she is allowed to run for POTUS? Back in the day, she’d be hanging from a Missouri Oak Tree by now.


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