Obamacare (OUCH!) Premium Increases!


7 thoughts on “Obamacare (OUCH!) Premium Increases!”

  1. We already pay almost $11K a year and both have $7K deductibles! Here in Arizona we are already said to be paying the highest rates and that the increase here will be upwards of 115% in many cases. Really?? Who the hell can afford that??? ObamaCrap is the worst thing ever!!!


    1. Some/many people are paying ridiculously high premiums for lower deductibles; but the deductibles, even the lower choice is higher than even the high deductibles use to be. Then the coverage has gone down. Prescription drugs, what drugs is Harry Reid on for him to say they’ve gone down. Bottom line, you pay the high/higher premiums then can’t afford to go to the doctor or hospital, because you get into seriously high debt. You can go to the doc frequently and never meet the deductibles. Some of the older/retired people opt to not go to the doctor, many need meds, and now people choose not to have surgeries they need because even after deductibles are met, that can’t afford the hospital’s, physician and miscellaneous fees and charges. It really is a luxury to be an illegal immigrant……just walk in, all of the rest of us with health insurance will cover for you. That is ObamaCare, a tool he and Hillary have used masterfully to destroy us. As you’ve seen, Hillary gets all the healthcare she needs…….hell they follow the rag. I won’t apologize for calling her that!

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      1. Seriously, what a CLUSTER!!! And no need to apologize if you speak the truth my friend. I get pretty worked up about this crap and fear for the future generations to come.


      2. That is why we have to stop it, otherwise it will continue to expand, the cost that is. That’s what Hillary wants, she said she wants to expand ObamaCare, make it better. What expand means to us is not the same as Hillary’s definition. And make better? Better for who? What has she ever made better for anyone, other than herself? Don’t tell me the children she claimed to help in Arkansas. The children are affected by ObamaCare as well……..wait till they are grownup if this continues. As far as her helping the children in Arkansas. I saw a list of all the members of the committee she was on that set up the program to help kids. It was a large group of people. I would venture to say, they, the other members did the ground work and she jumped in for the photo op. She is a master of deception. You’ve seen it before, people even on lower levels or small communities that take credit when they did little to nothing, until there is a camera and a reporter. Can you tell I’m worked up?

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      3. Sing it from the rooftops my friend!!! To expand or fix ObamaCrap will do nothing but further inflate already devastating premiums and put more regulations on already tapped-out regs! It’s a joke at best!

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