Missouri is one of the states using SMARTMATICS voting machines.   SMARTMATICS is now owned by George Soros.   George Soros has stated it is his life goal to destroy the United States.  Voters, ask for a paper ballot.   It is Federal law that a paper ballot must be provided if requested by the voters.  Do not trust the Soros voting machines.

Soros funded much of the violence in Ferguson, Dallas and since, other places.   In an interview Soros recently stated that Donald Trump would win the popular vote by a landslide; but it won’t matter, Hillary Clinton will receive the Electoral College votes for President.  He also stated the Electoral College has been bribed to cast their votes in favor of Clinton; with Soros money.   If they are bribed, and I am not saying they are or they are not; whether you cast your vote via paper ballot or the Soros machine, it wouldn’t matter.



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