Since the beginning of the history of elections……..anytime votes are counted, unless a show of hands (and even that could be rigged); there has been voter fraud.   Votes pulled from the grave……….. however!

What you can absolutely count on in this election for POTUS, with Hillary Rodham Clinton the head of the Democratic ticket; there WILL BE voter fraud, massive.  The question, how massive? They, the DNC and Hillary campaign operatives in charge of conducting the Clinton voter fraud, know it must be massive to make a difference.   Hillary Clinton lies and cheat in everything she is involved with.  Can she influence her operatives to cheat enough to get her elected?


3 thoughts on “THIS YOU CAN COUNT ON”

  1. Oh, but didn’t you know that it is all just a conspiracy theory and we have all collectively bummed our heads believing such a voter-fraud idea?? Oh, noooooo. Don’t you see that this is alllll for our own good? That we couldn’t possibly have a clue who would be fit to run this country? That we simply don’t have the capacity to understand where they want to take this country and, therefore, need a little help making a decision? Boy, it’s a good thing they have the vote already figured out or where would we be as a nation without their guidance?? Yup, I’M DISGUSTED!!!!


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