Nasty Hillary

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Reality Check

The Following is a Reality Check Reader Submission:

I was very bothered today while watching a campaign speech by Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. Having two adult daughters myself and a wife, I was upset at what bag of goods they were trying to sell these special women in my life. Luckily they’ve been raised to think, listen and view critically for themselves and to compare what they see with their high moral values.   Luckily they know that no woman should be called a “nasty woman” EXCEPT for woman who really are nasty!   Unfortunately, there are nasty woman in this world who do, act and say nasty things….thus making them by definition, nasty women. Also, unfortunately, there are nasty men in this world as well. Some might say there are many more nasty men in this word than women……personally, I’d say it’s about equal, sad, but equal. Luckily, many folks…

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