Trump may not accept election outcome; media accepts Hillary Clinton’s corrupt life

Deleted 33,000 emails                                                                                                                                       Lied to Congress and the FBI about those emails and servers.                                                             Implemented in a video of campaign operatives engaged in voter fraud & instigated                        violence at Trump rallies.                                                                                                                        Shared nuclear code information (nuke response time) on national TV (during debate). Sloppy on national security; FBI Director Comey agrees on this.

This recent Hillary Clinton corruption and law breaking behavior hardly being mentioned by the media.   However, following last evenings debate the big issue with the media:  “Trump won’t accept the outcome of the election if Hillary wins”.  Their saying that is  defiant against democracy.    Well, Gore didn’t accept it……; Bill Clinton advised Gore not to accept it and other candidates have not; when they felt their was voter fraud or lost and miscounted ballots.

Trump’s acceptance of the outcome of the election is a greater issue that multiple acts of corruption by Hillary Clinton?   Seriously?   I am appalled with the media’s acceptance of Clinton corruption.



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