FBI Files on Hillary’s Emails Reveal “Shadow Government” Was in Charge of Her Investigation — Mountain Republic

Document literally refers to group as “The Shadow Government” Paul Joseph Watson A page from the FBI’s publicly released documents from the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server reveals that a group literally called “the shadow government” was overseeing the inquiry. “There was a powerful group of very high ranking STATE officials that some […]

via FBI Files on Hillary’s Emails Reveal “Shadow Government” Was in Charge of Her Investigation — Mountain Republic

Just when you think a government and political system have hit rock bottom, they plunge even deeper.   Bottomless!

8 thoughts on “FBI Files on Hillary’s Emails Reveal “Shadow Government” Was in Charge of Her Investigation — Mountain Republic”

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    It was evident from the hearing that it was rigged and “the oven hadn’t even been turned on.



  2. Ain’t it just something? Yet, WE are the DEPLORABLES??? I think that cat is on her ninth life and if she isn’t careful she will get squashed for good under the feet of LAW ABIDING citizens. Just saying.

    Hope you are well Arlin! Ready for tomorrows debate?? 😉


    1. Ready………I think Trump can come out swinging at her, most of those accusations have been debunked, by the ladies own families. Most said they were trying to get Trump to give them jobs……..and oh please, please come to my restaurant. He told her no, he couldn’t. That is why most accusations come from 10, 20 and 30 years ago, difficult to disprove and prove, …..comes to your word against mine. With all the Wikileaks and James O’Keefe and Alex Jones videos out; if I were Hillary I’d be hiding too……I mean resting.

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      1. HAHAHAHA! Yes, ‘resting.’ The poor delicate thing. But she is fully healthy of course.

        I wonder if they implanted a chip in her head to give her instruction and words as she is going…that COULD explain her short-circuiting!! Though I jest, it actually isn’t beyond the scope of possibility. A man just got a chip in his hand with all of his info in it and can do banking and such without anything but his hand. SCARY! The Mark? Hmmmm. If that comes to fruition then all forms of currency will be mute and if you want to eat or do any business at all you wont be able to without the implant. Scary huh? Never know!


      2. I’ve heard that before as well about the chips, for food and purchases. If they (TRY) and take our guns we won’t be able to hunt. We can still FISH!! Grow or own veggies; maybe! Short-circuiting with a chip in her head? What are the chances she blows up? 🙂


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