On the whole, we are an hypocritical nation.  That includes all, from the highest official in our government, Mr. President, to those sideways and crooked politicians in Congress all the way down to We the People across this land. It didn’t happen overnight, as morals and ethics have been in decline, with broken homes on the increase.  Political correctness hasn’t made things better.  We allowed God to be removed from our daily lives, we’ve kept Him reserved to Sunday and only in your church and home.  He has been nearly privatized.  Sure, you can catch the money preachers on TV, with sermon and a please send your contributions to request.

I am writing this post this late Sunday morning, prior to the 2nd Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.   By now you all know the release of the Trump tape on Friday; no point in even repeating its content.  It was wrong, whether it was done yesterday or eleven years ago.   Can a person change during that time?   Absolutely, but that isn’t my point for this post.   He said it, he admitted to saying it, he had no choice but to admit it; he was taped.  Trump may still have that same filthy mouth and mind today he appears to have had then.   I don’t know!  I will not condone what he said; but, I worked in a coal mine for three years.  Worked around nothing but men, until 2 women were hired in my 3rd year.   I learned a whole new language, where every other word was f_ _ K this or that.   Women were often talked about……..not in a favorable way; but on the surface above the 300 foot hole we were in, the men were gentlemen and spoke respectful of their wives and girl friends.   A bit hypocritical don’t you think?   I know when men are gathered, what comes from their mouth is not always how they act; unfortunately some do both.

I did not intend to use that as an example; coal miners are some of the hardest working, honestly good people I have ever known.

The media bashes Trump for what he said many years ago.   In a normal presidential campaign that would expected.   Once again, I do not condone what Trump said.   The Democrats, Hillary Clinton and her campaign preach that Trump is unfit and “we can not let him be President”.    While bashing Trump, the media, the Democrats and Republican establishment totally disregard Hillary Clinton and her corrupt, scandalous past…….and present.  Hypocrisy at its finest!  Isn’t “What is good for the goose, good for the gander”?   It may be one is no better than the other.   I have an opinion on that, and if you’ve ever read my blog, you know where I stand on Hillary Clinton.   Truth is, only God will have final judgement.

The Republican and Democratic establishment and some media are demanding Trump withdrawal from the campaign.   How can you demand Trump pull out and not ask Hillary Clinton to do the same?  Hillary will toss the first stone in tonight’s debate I am sure!  She will do so and dismiss her past, like it never happened.   Hillary Clinton has been as insulting and demeaning to people for years…….but, she is protected by the media.   With Trump it’s an issue, a story.   With Hillary, its…..huh!  What are you talking about?

Oh the hypocrisy of it all; the media, both (all) political parties, our government and we the people.

We have 2 candidates of which to choose from as our next POTUS!  Neither are classy or favorable choices.   But they are who we chose.   One many to believe entitled, the chosen one!   The other, bucking the political establishment; wrecking the good old boy establishment.   Both, could have cleaner thoughts and deeds but, we have gotten what we asked for and possibly deserve.   It is what it is!   We could have a verbal brawl tonight.   A gloves off fight.   Remember when, We the People complained we were tired of negative political ads.   We are way beyond that, negative ads are the norm.  Bashing of the candidates, from the candidates, also the norm.

What happened to the issues, the problem facing this nation?   The character of the candidates are the issue.   Don’t do as I do, do as I say!   My candidate is immune to all, your candidate should drop out!   Yes, even we the people are hypocrites; we got here by not holding one another and those is power accountable.   Government officials don’t believe they are accountable to us, and we are to blame for that.

Lord have mercy!



8 thoughts on “ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: HYPOCRITICAL NATION (the case of Hillary & Donald)”

  1. Very well stated. You talked about working in the coal mines. I worked in an office for ‘corporate’ America. I heard much worse on a fairly regular basis. A former boss’ favorite saying is so gross I could not print it on this forum. I put ‘corporate’ in quotes because I worked at one of those institutions that is a quasi-federal, quasi-state, quasi-private entity. What that means is it depends on which way the wind blows that day if you are a federal, state or private employee and which and what kind of grant and/or taxes is paying your salary at any given time. We were suppose to follow all the federal, state and private guidelines of any rule, law or regulation that came along, which of course conflicted more than once. I say this because it was very confusing, but the people I worked with and for and around were all considered top notched professionals in their field. Yet I heard language that was befitting of any bar room brawl on a regular basis. So to diss Trump for saying something years ago, is rather amusing to me. It tells me there are a whole lot of people either living in a big huge bubble if they have not heard these things or they are just right out and out lying. I think it is the later. Surely someone can come up with something more recent. May the Lord have mercy.

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