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Bob Beckel, Democratic strategist (Hillary team) told Fox Business’ Eric Bolling in a 2010 interview that: “a dead man can’t leak stuff.”

“Illegally Shoot the Son of a Bitch” — Clinton Strategist Calls for Assassination of Julian Assange on TV

“A dead man can’t leak stuff,” Beckel told Fox Business’ Eric Bolling in a 2010 interview.  “Can’t we just drone strike this guy?”.    Of course Hillary can not recall ever asking or saying this.

Assange was to give us his October surprise that would ruin Hillary Clinton’s quest for the presidency.    Mysteriously, he has cancelled.  We don’t really know if he will or will not give us the bombshell he has promised for weeks.   Assange’s lawyer was murdered……..Did the Clinton Crime Syndicate get to Julian Assange?   Did they make some kind of deal? Did they threaten to kill Assange if he leaked anymore that would further expose Hillary Clinton’s corruption and threaten her surge to the White House?  The DOJ, Obama and the FBI made a deal not to indict Hillary on the email national security scandal.   Our government is totally corrupt, they are protecting Hillary Clinton.   This has been business as usual for the Clinton’s for over 30 years.

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