Teaching our students they have no rights!


Never mind this story above comes from the Teaparty……..the Washington Times had the same story.

Colin Kaepernick, celebrity, disrespects the flag…..which is his right to do and causes a greater “distraction” than the student holding up a Trump sign.   No team suspension given to Kap.

Pep rallies often have signs present as a part of the rally.   This student held up a sign at the pep rally.   So was it the sign or the message Superintendent Luttrell (absolutely no relation to me) was objecting to or possibly offended?    Was the Superintendent more concerned a pep rally turned into a Trump rally initiated by a student thinking for himself and expressing his freedom of speech?   God forbid a student in our schools today express himself in a peaceful manner.   Lets not teach or student the right way from the wrong way!   Here lies the problem.  The kid wasn’t demonstrating in a violent manner!


4 thoughts on “Teaching our students they have no rights!”

  1. Isn’t it just amazing how we are all free to express our opinions and demonstrate them in rally or protest…but only if it doesn’t offend, is politically correct and doesn’t hurt some pansies sensibilities!! If I want to be allowed to scream my views at the top of my lungs then I must also be willing to allow those who would differ that same right…even if I do think they are about as dumb as mud pie. What are kids are being taught about their right to free speech is deplorable!


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