VIDEO: Bill Clinton/ Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees

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Source: VIDEO: Bill Clinton/ Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees

The Clinton Global Initiative/Clinton Foundation?   Somethings in it for Clintons.   How does HE/THEY (Hillary) get control of 10,000 houses in Detroit?   10,000 homes for Syrian Refugees, jobs created for the Syrians repairing homes…..etc.?  That should please all those in Detroit who lost their homes and jobs.  In the meantime, who pays for their relocation to Detroit?  Who feeds them?   Who clothes them?  Where does their healthcare come from?   Is Bill going to pay their way?  The Clinton Foundation/Clinton Initiative, don’t bet on that (see Haiti)?   I think not, the good ole’ American tax payer that is who?   Hillary has her connection, deep connection.   This Billionaire Slick Willie is chatting with, you can bet he has been generous with the Clintons.   Whats in it for him?   So, the Clintons are trying to pull another scam.   This smells like the charity work the Clinton Foundation did in Haiti.    Ask the people of Haiti what they think of the Clintons.   Charity promises broken, a small amount used compared to the dollars donated to the Foundation; Clinton profit.   But they’ve never received a salary from the Clinton Foundation.   More crap from the 2 biggest liars on the planet, and most treasonous in our nations history.

George Soros can’t be far behind!  He controls Hillary Clinton.

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