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Appearing on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton addressed the “famous email flap” from Donald Trump’s press conference on Wednesday. “I heard what he said. He did not call on the Russians to hack into Hillary’s computer,” Bolton said. “He was making the point – I […]

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Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill opined on MSNBC Thursday that law enforcement should investigate Donald Trump for asking Russia to find and release Hillary Clinton‘s emails, saying it was a violation of the Logan Act. “Well, it’s very clear to me that Donald Trump is unfit and, frankly, I think he’s dangerous,” she told Andrea Mitchell. “I believe that there’s […]

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Claire McCaskill’s suggestion is ridiculous!   When you suggest/ask someone to do something it isn’t a negotiation unless there is an exchange of something else; normally of value.   If you ask me or tell me to jump off the JB Bridge in STL, doesn’t mean I will do it.  Russia will do what Russia wants to do.   What Trump was asking was for Russia to share with  Americans what Russia may already have and knows from Hillary’s emails.   Its further ridiculous for the FBI to investigate something lesser in nature, than Hillary’s email usage when they won’t take it any further.  Claire is looking for someone else to toss the blame for a security risk Hillary herself is responsible.

Bottom line is, the Democrats and Claire are more fearful about what Russia does know and are scared to death they may take Trump’s suggestion.   Another words Claire believes Americans have no right or business knowing what Russia does know or has access.  Where did this originate?   From Hillary R. Clinton; the carelessness Comey mentioned.




DORAL, Fla.–Just three days after the Democratic National Committee’s email was hacked–which cyber experts say appears to have been by Russians–the Republican presidential nominee is calling on the foreign power to hack his opponent’s email server. Republican Donald Trump called on Wednesday for Russia to infiltrate Hillary Clinton’s email server to find the missing emails, […]

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Jake Sullivan of the Clinton campaign says this is becoming a serious security issue; Trump suggesting Russia hack Hillary’s emails for the 30, 000 missing.    Jake, Russia probably has already hacked her emails……….it wasn’t Trump that made them accessible.   It was your girl, Hillary.

Trump was stating a possibility that already existed.  It really sounds like Trump’s way of asking Russia to share with the American people what Russia already knows.


Try as he might, through his story telling of a love story, Bill Clinton tried desperately to place a halo over the evilness of his beloved wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton at the DNC party.  Even he didn’t  believe a word he said, unless he is as delusional as the saintless wonder he was praising.

Hold your breath, how often did you throw up in your mouth last night while the poisonous Kool-Aid was being poured down your throat through your media manipulated TV listening to SLICK WILLIE to blur your brain?

Bill gave the history of HIS and Her love affair and an adult lifetime skipping  all the corruption; and filled in the blanks with escalated BS.  If Willie believed half of what he said about miss wonderful, then his “CHEATING HEART” is worse than even imaginable. The boy needs help!

Now here is my thought for the day, finally:   What Bill Clinton “really loves” about Hillary Clinton is her evilness and the corruption.  It is their life style, the more corruption the better, the better they get; the more corrupt they become.  He got everything else from “other women”.

If Hillary can drag all the corruption back to the White House their goal will be achieved.  Together they reach their ultimate peak.   This is why they have stayed together, they are a team; rise at all cost; everyone else will pay.   They can not return to the White House.




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