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Loretta Lynch ‘Recusing’ Herself BENEFITS Hillary! David Sternberg at PJ Media PJ Media Legal Editor J. Christian Adams – the Department of Justice attorney-turned-whistleblower – led off on Friday’s Rush Limbaugh show to discuss the media circus surrounding Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton’s meeting on an airport tarmac. Think this whole week of news […]

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I would like to see Loretta…..lynch Hillary Clinton and throw in Bill for good measure.

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s meeting was not coincidental. Nothing, absolutely nothing that the Clinton’s do is by chance or coincidence.   Clinton (Bill) offered something for something…… Don’t indict Hillary Loretta, and Hillary assures you a seat on the Supreme Court.   Of course there’ll be some ticked off law makers that may try to block that appointment.   Loretta is, I think, smart enough to know that.

Loretta could have walked away from that meeting with Bill much sooner than she did.

Bill Clinton knew exactly what he was doing.  This is prime Clinton arrogance.  They believe they are, and have been above everyone else.  Rules and laws…..and just doing the right thing don’t apply to them.




Lynch: I’ll accept findings of lawyers in Clinton email case —

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she won’t overrule the findings of an FBI-led investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

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Why do I get the feeling that any case against Hillary is going to be blocked by Obama, and Loretta Lynch knows this?    That appears to be the only reason she could so freely and confidently say “I’ll accept findings of lawyers in Clinton email case.”  She also said she would accept the recommendation of the FBI.   I guarantee you, Obama and Lynch have already set a plan in motion if such recommendations were presented.

How do you spell Corrupt? – CLINTON!

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By: Richard H. Frank

Just how stupid does Bill and Hillary Clinton along with the Obama Justice Department think we American Citizens are? If you believe the chance meeting Between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch , in a private hangar, at the Phoenix Airport was by accident I have some magic beans to sell you. Followed by todays statement by Attorney General Loretta Lynch wherein she did not recuse herself from the two ongoing investigations against Hillary Clinton but asserted she would accept the recommendation of the Director of the FBI is a classic Obama use of smoke and mirrors.

I cannot believe that our government has under the Obama Administration sunken to the level where the rule of law and the rules in place to regulate those charged with enforcing the law and rules are so blatantly disregarded. Our Nation is on the road to tyranny and we are…

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