Hillary Clinton Presides Over Believers, Accepts Nomination with Lie Filled Speech

Alan E. Moses Thoughts and Opinions

Tonight’s end to the Democratic Convention was just what was expected as Hillary Clinton spoke to her believers. These are the same people that have believed the same promises for years that rarely come true. Much of her new and improved policy promises include: Not honoring the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that she fully backed prior to Donald Trumps stance against it. She suddenly has a new position on veterans since her statements claiming that the Veterans Administration was doing a fine job handling vets issues. She now uses Trumps position on vets. She claims the military is in great shape despite what is known, lack of equipment and personnel.
It was classic Hillary Clinton saying exactly what her audience wants to hear only to gain votes. How can anyone believe that Hillary would go after the Banks and Wall Street? These are her biggest donors. How can anyone believe…

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