These old lost artists set around praying that a Trump rally or Convention plays their long forgotten music, so they can scream “Stop playing our/my music”; so the rest of the world can remember who it belongs to.   They aren’t going to scream…….”Hey cool, Trump’s playing my music!”   Much more attention screaming “Stop playing my music.”   They should be happy anyone wants to play their stuff!

Hillary?   Does she even play music at a rally?   Oh, that’s right she only has small town hall meetings, with a few hand picked attendees.   No excitement generated!


3 thoughts on “STOP PLAYING MY MUSIC!!!”

  1. GWbush was asked not to use john mellencamps little pink houses song, reason the guy is a liberal through and through I get it sort of like you said they should be happy on the other hand say you are a balls to the wall liberal and here is this conservative using your song and all your liberal buddies start attacking you for allowing it to happen and looking like you are supporting conservatives as we all know god forbid a liberal even breathe the same air as a conservative. Springsteen,rem,crap a number of people. Tom Petty actually enjoyed the fact George bush senior used his Won’t back down song

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