Monday evening Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meet at the Phoenix Arizona Airport.  Clinton just happened to be at the same airport at the same time as Lynch.   No…..this was totally by design.  Clinton delayed his flight out in order to meet with Lynch who was just landing.   This was not a just-in-passing meeting.  Clinton got off his plane and entered the Lynch plane for a 30 minute visit.  Their choice of conversation; the Clinton grandchildren and golf.   Right! Sure!  Bill waited for Lynch to arrive so they could talk about his grandchildren.   An Arizona reporter claims the FBI gave an order for no photos, no pictures, no cell phones of the Clinton-Lynch meeting.

On Friday, AG Lynch said she would accept the FBI recommendation on the agencies investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email case as Secretary of State.  Question:  Did Lynch make such a statement, because she already knew there would be no recommendation from the FBI to indict Hillary?   Remember, the FBI order stated above!   Can the FBI be trusted either?

On Saturday, the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton for 3 1/2 hours on her email usage while Secretary of State.  3 1/2 hours?   I once gave a deposition as a city alderman over our firing of an Economic Director (he filed a law suit against the city) for over 4 1/2 hours.   Hillary was Secretary of State, risk our national security with her use of a home server for her emails, against government policies; and they probed her for 3 1/2 hours?

When the interview between the FBI and Hillary had barely ended, rumors and claims that Hillary would not likely face any charges or indictment began to surface.  Now at this point they are just rumors……but supposedly from sources that would know.

All of these events have occurred in a relatively short period of time, less than a week.          1.   Mondays’ now famously unethical, if not corrupt, private meeting between Bill Clinton        and Loretta Lynch.    FBI no photos order!                                                                                          2.   Friday, Lynch announces she will honor any recommendation of the FBI’s case against         Hillary Clinton’s emails.                                                                                                                           3.   Saturday:   Hillary’s voluntary 3 1/2 hour interview with the FBI on the emails!!                        Please, she didn’t just out of the blue walk into the FBI headquarters in D.C. out of                  goodness of her stone heart.   She may not have been served a subpoena, but you                    know darn well it wasn’t what she wanted to do.                                                                             4.   Rumors circulate, there will be no recommendation for indictment of Hillary by the                FBI.

All these events happen within the same week, quickly fall like dominoes.   Coincidence?   Bill Clinton got to Loretta Lynch before the FBI!!!

This is how our government works, corruption throughout!   No photos, no pictures, no cell phones.  If by chance someone like a corrupt Hillary Clinton sends emails risking national security, she’ll just hit DELETE.   The investigative agencies and the investigative committees in Congress will just go through the dog and pony shows, deceiving the American public.   This is cover-up!   That is what our agencies and congressional leaders have become, agents of corruption and political crime cover-ups.

What will we as citizens do?   Probably what we have been doing, some will pretend like it isn’t happening; some will deny that it happens despite knowing it does.   Some of us will continue to be naive that corruption could possibly happen on such a large scale as so many claim.  The rest of us will continue to rant when Hillary Clinton gets away with her next scandal; and yes there will be another; there always is.  We’ll rant, but do little else.  Corruption continues and will continue to get worse.   The Hillary and Bill Clinton’s the Obama’s, the Harry Reids of the world don’t try to even hide their corrupt and criminal acts…..they arrogantly do it in front of us; because We the People have allowed it.  The domino effect of corruption is top to bottom.   Those agencies that were to protect and serve us against this; now are part of the problem.  They can not be trusted.

Oh yes, the FIX IS ON!    Hillary is most definitely being setup for POTUS; just like Obama.

Responsibility lies in the hands of the American people.   It always has.




12 thoughts on “BILL, LORETTA, HILLARY & THE FBI, what a week!”

  1. Excellent analysis! Absolutely spot on. But the problem for Hillary is that America is getting fed up with the corruption at an alarming pace, hence the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Do you really think these two could have done what they did this year in any other presidential election cycle? My hunch is that if DOJ decides not to do anything (and Lynch said late Friday that she WOULD have the final say), that there will be a backlash against Hillary…trust me…Donald Trump will NOT let this one go! It will cost her political career, and the presidency.

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