5 thoughts on “OBAMA’S AMERICA”

  1. I know, it is pretty scary to think about this fact. Really scary when we really don’t know how many he has and I think it is more than we realize. All across parts of the government. I hate to sound negative but I don’t know that America will EVER recover. Go back and watch Dinesh’s movie /documentary now, at the near end of Obamas America 2016 reign. It is even more frightening that you can actually see that Dinesh was pretty spot on with his assessment of our future if Obama stayed in office. Unbelievable. Eye opening. He certainly kept the promise to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA. Blame not all on him as someone many of them had to vote him in and not once but twice. The fall of a country is because of our own sin. People fall away from God Almighty and His way and His truths and bad choices are made by a large majority. They think they are doing good but instead they deceive themselves and do evil. They bring upon the whole land a change that you can not get back. America went on life support after Dr Obama began his second round of poison (aka, his 2nd term began). It would take a miracle. It would take this nation to REPENT. It would require a book Jonah moment to keep her alive. I hope I am wrong for the sake of all the unsaved but only God knows the timing. I pray everyone gets themselves spiritually ready to meet the Lord God if they are not already. I don’t love this world nor is this world my home. I am 52 and have seen America in her beauty and I honestly don’t even recognize her after the last 8 years. I don’t really look forward to living to a retirement age. I did once. My hope for any future in this world is GONE. My hope only rests in my King of Kings! The Alpha and the Omega! Do you know Him?

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    1. I believe Jesus came, he died for my sins and all sinners; but that you must believe in Him and that He rose so that we may live in peace with Him; if we truely believe in our hearts. That is all we have that we can trust in to be true. I have 5 grandchildren; a 13 yr. old, 11 yr old, 2 yrs. and two one month olds, one coming in Dec. will be 6. I am more concerned about what their world will be like than while I am here. Its not very hopeful. The worlds morals will have to change ……… with the spread of hate and evil we have through out, I don’t see it happening. The only way I see any hope in our children living a free, loving life is to isolate the evil. Keep it out. But, it walks among us to heavily now. I know and understand what you are saying….I agree. Only the Lord will set us free. 🙂

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      1. Amen. I know what you mean. I too have grandchildren. We have 5 and that is only between 2 of our grown children. We still have 4 more who will probably have kids at some point. The sad thing is that even most of our (mine and my husband’s kids)fall into the category of seeing Sanders ad a good choice or wanting to see the 1st woman! We have 2 sons (just happens to be the 2 that are dad’s) that can see the truth at least where choices of presidential election fall. Not sure they can see what is happening in the schools to there own children. When you have people who cannot even tell you who the vice president is or whether Obamas policies are for or against abortion or what country Mount Rushmore is in! Well, we have really big problems ahead. IF it doesn’t get turned around and fast we will be like the Titanic. I can see the iceberg now and have for awhile. Will we get this ship turned in time to avoid it? That is yet to be seen.
        God bless you and your family brother! I know we are all a work in progress and God is the Potter and we are His clay.


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