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Hillary Clinton The Movie “Banned” by the Courts in 2008 The U.S. Supreme Court said it wants a case involving federal election law and an attack “documentary” on Hillary Clinton reheard next September. The justices said new “argument” should address two key Supreme Court precedents upholding “federal election law” and whether the high court should […]

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When truth is written on anything by anyone at anytime it should not be banned.   It should not matter if it is during or prior to an election.   The truth should always be allowed to be spoken and heard; NEVER BANNED.   “What difference does it make”; whether it is a union, organized labor, special interests group…….The truth is so rare today, when spoken is an asset.   If on the other hand the message, the movie or writing is found to be false, appropriate punishment and banishment is the law.

Banishment of truth should not be allowed to protect guilt!  There should be no escape for the guilty.

3 thoughts on “Hillary, the Movie — Andelino’s Weblog”

  1. Just finished watching movie if people watch and understand the depth of corruption she will never win. Honestly it disgusts me she would ever run knowing the deceit contained in her mind we need integrity in office not a hunger for power.

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