Wounded Knee deadliest shooting in U.S. History

Most mistreated people ever to have their nation stolen from them.

7 thoughts on “Wounded Knee deadliest shooting in U.S. History”

  1. Another good point. Sad day in American history. And this is an inconvenient event for the Obummer leftist narrative. Dems don’t want to hear that their own government might be more dangerous than Islamic terrorists…


  2. Isn’t there a difference between state level violence and violent acts committed by civilians? By this logic the deadliest shooting that ever happened in American history would be the Battle of Gettysburg. Liked the fact that you brought up Wounded Knee though, America has a long history of violence, committed by the state or otherwise.


    1. I agree with you state or otherwise; we shouldn’t be keeping score like its a sports record committed by state or otherwise. The civil war, the word civil from civilian? Not even sure where I’m going with this; all history of violence despite purpose, always includes death of innocent people.


      1. Just the fact that the Orlando shooting was committed by an Islamic terrorist that was a civilian not the US military. Shootings committed by the military are generally not treated as massacres or criminal acts, although Wounded Knee definitely was.


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