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She thinks she is entitled to be president!   Why?    Because she was First Lady with a healthcare plan worse than ObamaCare?  Was outstanding at covering-up her husband’s sex offenses.   A Senator, who did nothing.  A Secretary of State that got an Ambassador killed along with 3 other patriots.  Calls the families of those American patriots LIARS! Slept, and never answered the 3 A.M. call she so famously pledged she would be dependable….a lie.   Created a chaotic nation of Libya into further chaos.   Accepts bribe money from other nations, world leaders and corporations.   No body donates hundreds of thousands even millions to anyone without something in return.   What has Hillary given up? Nothing personally.  What promises and political favors did she sell, selling out the American people?   THAT IS FREAKING TREASON!   Scandal goes as far back as the early 70’s, continuous, with another just around the corner.   Emails…..national security risk?  Its on and on………

Hillary Clinton made history……she is the first female nominee (as of now) of a major party for president.   History made, but history isn’t always positive.   She is the first female, she just happens to be the WRONG female.   Here again, she will ride the “I am the first female” slogan as an entitlement issue.   So, Hillary gloated tonight, as if everything is in the bag.   She demonstrated that entitlement behavior, attitude more than ever.  She really is an insult to all the intelligent, respectable women of greater ability.  She expresses an “your an idiot if you don’t support and vote for me” engagement.

Hillary made history alright!   She may also be the first presidential candidate in history to ever be indicted (campaign season or not).  She may also be the first candidate encouraged to withdrawal from the race because of a possible indictment.  She could be the most treasonous female in the history of the United States.

Hillary gave a speech tonight.  Everything that came out of her mouth was garbage…….a human sewer.   She said she has traveled the nation, listening to middle America, everyday working people expressing their struggles, challenges and hardships. She said, “I have your backs.”   BS!  She listened!  Right!  She is so full of CRAP!   Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about anyone with the exception of HILLARY.  If you think that Hillary Clinton cares about you…..I have some some magic beans I’d like to sell you, cheap.    Go check out what some of the Secret Service agents have to say about the Witch of Benghazi.



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