Liz and Hillary are making fools of themselves


I find it interesting that with all of the possible attacks against Donald Trump Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton choose to attack him for doing what he is supposed to do as a business man.

The say that he is cruel and heartless for buying up property at rock bottom prices and then selling it when the market improved.

Let’s forget for a minute the reports that the Clinton’s made millions of dollars doing the same thing or that Bill Clinton was instrumental in creating the environment that caused the real estate bubble in the first place.

Donald Trump makes his living buying and selling real estate. He would be a fool not to buy at the lowest possible price and then re-sell it at the highest possible price.  In short he has nothing to apologize for in making money legally.

Hillary on the other hand should apologize for selling…

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2 thoughts on “Liz and Hillary are making fools of themselves”

  1. That would be like me attacking you for being in international finance. I have no clue what you do…yet I would attack you for doing a job you are trained in and have been doing for a long while. It’s called ignorance because they don’t have the education to understand. It’s called incompetence because of the laziness involved in not learning to become un-ignorant. They are both liars and idiots. Neither are to be trusted.


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