Donald Trump on Lee Oswald and Rafael Cruz

The Jeffersonian

As you can expect, the media flap this week over Trump’s remarks about Rafael Cruz and Lee Oswald drew me in. I thought I would dash off a response, then leave it, but once you open up the box —

I ended with three posts at Twitlonger, where I do my initial drafts. Many posts stay there; others make the trip over here to The Jeffersonian. Given their significance, I wanted to bring all three Twitlonger posts about this week’s flap over here. The heading at the beginning of each one shows its original title. I can’t integrate them all into one essay at this point, so you see them as is. They extend the themes of Infamy, a book you already know about if you follow this blog. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to the Books page at Puzzle Mountain Digital, to download a copy for your favorite e-reader.

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