Paul Ryan and establishment Republicans “not ready or won’t” support Donald Trump exemplify just why the American people do not have any trust in these elected office holders.   I refuse to call them leaders, they demonstrate no leadership.   As Speaker of the dominate Republican House, Ryan’s comments “I am not ready to support Donald Trump” may as well have said…….”Today we are a Party divided and I am considering supporting the Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Trump has been accused, by the establishment, of dividing the Republican Party.  That is total BS the Republican elite want you to believe.   The Republican’s have divided or separated from the people, with their false promises and lies……..which has caused division among the elected officials left with any kind of integrity and loyalty to We the People; a very minimal class.   Donald Trump has exposed the establishment for what they are; simpletons more interested in backroom, “whats in it for me” purpose.  I would have to say, Ryan and people like him are in fact “more like” the corrupt Hillary Clinton than they are different; proving there is little difference between the parties……They end up in bed together somewhere.  Cooperation is a great and wonderful thing, but not when it deceives the people you represent.

Paul Ryan and the pouters that claim they will not be attending the Republican Convention are showing their true colors.    Trump is, if he wasn’t before, an Independent that took on the Republican establishment, pushed them aside with the same contempt “they” show the American people.   Now that they’ve been beaten by a beginner with an ego larger than his Tower; the establishment Republicans don’t want to play anymore; not with this guy they allowed to be bullied by.   They’re taking their ball from the field and going home, to huddle-up and see if they can find another way, another game and a player they can control, one that will play by their rules; one that will let them win and have their way.  If they can not find this Manchurian, they’ll do what they already appear to be doing, concede to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has done a great service to us all, no matter what happens; he has exposed what many of us knew; the Constitution and our Government works……..when it is respected.   When it is flooded with corrupt officials, elected and appointed as it is, for as long as it has, it fails.   We have witnessed failure for many years, failure from the established political powers of both parties.  What We the People get out of this campaign, is the view of a rigged system.   Rigged by abusers of power……..the establishment, of which Hillary Clinton is not just a player but a designer.

All those cry babies that didn’t get their way, that Jeb didn’t waltz to victory with the Republican nomination, are quite content on going to the backroom, remain silent and open the door for Hillary.   Good luck with that, We the People see through that BS too!   When you start losing seats in Congress…….it will be from a pissed off public; and it will include both sleeping parties.

Some of Hillary’s partners have been interviewed by the FBI.   Hillary soon will be, unless of course she does not cooperate, interviewed.   Would that surprise you?   She is after all above us, above the law.  Just ask her!

4 thoughts on “HOUSE SPEAKER RYAN NOT READY?!…..!!!!!”

  1. Paul Ryan = Expect a proverbial knife incident in Trump’s back, as Ryan will likely run as third party. That means, if Trump wins, Ryan will be in a dangerously bad position.

    Re: Hillary/Emailgate, if I were heading the investigation, I would not yet interview Hillary, as Huma either gave up what she knows or, if she lied to the FBI, she will be in a bad position. I would find someone remotely involved with or named in the investigation at the bottom of the totem pole, and interview them. Shock value. If Hillary prepped them, they will not expect a visit from the FBI, and that could rattle them to the point where they might start thinking of a prison term, and they could start talking. Another duck gets lined up in the row of ducks. Slow. Methodical. Thorough.

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