Ted and Carly….drinking the same Kool-Aid

Ted, the American public, the voters will not support a man that can not calculate simple math.  You can not win the nomination, not out right anyway.  It would take some creative conniving by the Republican establishment to give you the nomination.  I doubt that will happen.

Cruz is delusional, talking as if he WILL BE the Republican nominee.   So, what does this loony bird do?   He announces a VP running mate.   What is more loony than this?   Someone who would accept!  Someone did, Carly Fiorina!   Someone needs to explain to these two birds that Donald Trump is hammering them!   Ted Cruz came in 3rd in four of the five primary elections on Tuesday.   That’s LAST PLACE!

I’m not sure what the flavor is, but these two are drinking from the same Kool-Aid.

2 thoughts on “Ted and Carly….drinking the same Kool-Aid”

  1. You have to do SOMETHING to change up the news cycle. Finishing third in the I-95 primary doesn’t help you in Indiana where you MUST win! Of course, naming a woman that outsourced millions of jobs in a state where outsourcing is the biggest issue isn’t the smartest idea in the world either!

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