ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Deception of the American dream

Lets forget about allegiance to any party.  That in itself is so insignificant!  Most career politicians just belong to a party for the sake of having organized support and that’s where the election delegates reside.  A more significant party would be the LOBBYIST PARTY, the support our purpose and we’ll fill your pockets with gold group.  No one is better at and more experienced than Hillary Clinton.  Hillary, the power seeking, leader of all political and human deception.

In all fairness to the Arkansas Dark Princess, most career politicians play the same games.  All of them preach this one familiar, repetitive sermon; “the American Dream”, it’s here for all, even for the legal and illegal immigrants.   They preach it is alive and well, and they are the candidate to save it!   This may be the greatest political deception of them all!   They preach you can have and live the American Dream, but their action makes the opportunity more difficult, for some impossible.  Seek and live the American Dream, then through regulation they take our resources away; freedom of speech, healthcare……inch by inch, day by day……these preachers of the Dream steal it right from under us.  Only the American people can stop the deception.   Hillary Clinton is the greatest deceiver of all!

We can seek, save our dreams by eliminating the greatest threat.  Hillary Clinton does not care about your dream only hers!  Power, power over us all!



10 thoughts on “ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Deception of the American dream”

  1. Bashaar: “Gone are the days where citizens sought to serve to help their fellow citizens for the better not the pay, it used to be seen as a sacrifice.”. Those were the days when it was a sacrafice, back before they received lifelong pay, even if all they were there for, was one term. Now, they get paid for life, which has helped to break our once Great Nation.
    We have fallen so far from our path, that our founding fathers would not even know this country. And you have Obama patting himself on the back, claiming he has helped to fix the economy! Hillary saying something to the effect of “what does it matter” about Benghazi, and the Catholics saying it is Ok to molest little boys.
    Wow! I don’t even recognize this country anymore when I look at it as a whole. Let’s do away with Christmas because it offends someone. Same with other things that might offend. Before long, we will do away with Pork because that offends someone.
    What ever happened to being understanding? What ever happened to not being ashamed of one’s heritage? Since when does a nation change it’s heritage to appease the few? Especially when those few got here illegally?
    Are the sleepers ever going to awaken? What does it take to wake these damned people up?


  2. Great post man and sadly quite true it used to be an honor to serve the people now it is power driven and the people don’t really matter., in reality nothing really matters now to today’s politicians is how much power and how much they get paid. Gone are the days where citizens sought to serve to help their fellow citizens for the better not the pay, it used to be seen as a sacrifice.

    I sent you an email I need some direction.


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