What’s it like being a front line warrior in today’s conflicts?

The Dude put a lot of work into this!


So what is it actually like being on the front lines? What’s it like to be a Marine, Soldier, Sailor, or Airman in the thick of things on the daily. We get block buster movies, video games, and novels about the hero’s all the time. We hear about the Valor of Navy SEALS and courage of Green Berets, Rangers, and Delta force. We can go to our local Books-A-Million  (or Barnes and Nobles, but screw those guys and Starbucks for not supporting the troops) and read about the heroics of an Airforce PJ, and EOD team, or some other elite operator with the best training, gear, and Intel available. Does this actually represent the hard working men (and a very select group of women) who bare the majority of the burden without getting the glory? Not really, and if I may speak for all of us, we don’t want any…

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