See the schedule of when the U.S. Congress is in or if you will OUT of session from the link above.   Many more days out than in.   So this really is a part-time job with full time over paid elected officials serving their country.  Serving who?

I wasn’t really sure they were presently in session.   Campaign 2016 has been a great distraction for a do nothing, worthless Congress.  You hardly hear a whimper from them. Now is a good time for them to pass bills they really don’t want us to know about.   Oh yes, they are that devious.

They are more interested in keeping Donald Trump from the White House, than they are representing and working for you.   By the way, when was the last time that happened, they worked for you?  They work for themselves, to be re-elected to maintain than huge salary while doing little to nothing.   I didn’t mention the benefits, their healthcare plan is vs. yours; their health is more important to them, than yours.   I’m just saying!


  1. Here in the desert, our legislature is only in session for about 120 days a year. That’s all they get to get their work done. If they don’t get it done in that time, they go home not having accomplishing their jobs. And we pay them accordingly. I think a representative here makes about $25,000 a year, and a senator slightly more. I think that’s a really good practice! We should adopt it nationally! I can tell you, our guys and gals work their asses off while they are in session!!!


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