hillary clinton

Hillary, the I’ve never done anything inappropriate candidate was just on Meet the Press.  She says she isn’t negotiating a possible debate with Sanders, yet criticizes Bernie for not agreeing with her chosen date.

Media clearly on an anti-Trump campaign, including MEET THE PRESS.   Trump gaffes get publicized and re-publicized; other candidates gaffes, not so much.

Meet the Press, stating Republicans heading towards a convention with a wounded nominee, front runner Donald Trump.  The media and Republican establishment created this.   Bernie, Hillary, Ted and John never asked questions on same scale as Trump……nothing on illegal abortions.


  1. Sadly I believe Trump is more than just wounded and I agree it was the doing of the GOP establishment We had this election in the bag and they decided to steal it away from us. This will most likely be the last time I vote republican, Next time around if we have not toppled the GOP establishment and replaced them with patriots I will be voting independant

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    1. I agree with you, my days voting Republican as it is today are over, Democrat out of the question. There needs to be a strong third party minus the establishment from both present day parties.


  2. I would agree that the Republicans have a “wounded nominee” if they go with Trump…but that’s because of the establishment GOP and the media. I also would whole-heartedly agree with the statement the Democrats candidate will most assuredly be wounded. How do you survive the slings and arrows of an FBI interrogation, when all signs point to an indictment (even if the current administration is too partisan to see that justice is done)?


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