Illegal immigration?  Illegal abortion?   Violators of the law, an illegal, unlawful act!    Why pass and create a law if there is no FORM of punishment.   We have a candidate, when he speaks of punishing illegals gets ripped.  He gets hammered more than those breaking the law.  If there is ever to be a law forbidding abortion without punishment, then don’t pass it into law.     I understand backroom or alley abortions by unlicensed individuals etc., etc……… doing so illegally.   Why is that punishable offenses are so offensive to so many?   Donald Trump has never said anyone that abides by the laws should go to jail or be given any punishment.   He has said only those violating illegal abortion or illegal immigration should be punished or returned.   As far as I know, a woman wanting an abortion can still get one…….    Why do we get so hell bent on hypothetical issues or situations?


13 thoughts on “Illegal?”

  1. As far as why people get hell bent on hypotheticals, it’s an opportunity to be virtuous.

    Virtue signaling is the new black. It requires no effort, no money and very little time – in exchange for cat walking with your peacock feathers to all your Facebook contacts, friends and relatives at how incredibly virtuous, noble and enlightened you are.

    It requires no intelligence, no research, no understanding, and certainly no consideration for objective rational dissent. All the good virtuous causes are so old and dry though. Healthcare, the children, the poor, the hungry, the old, even black oppression is starting to get long in the tooth….so hypotheticals are like throwing a sizzling steak in front of a rabid starving dog or putting a shiny quarter near a raccoon. It’s just a new opportunity for them to faint ghastly and clutch their pearls as someone reaches for the smelling salts. A new opportunity to peacock their empty meaningless self-stroking pathetic virtue.

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  2. In case you didn’t understand why what Trump originally said was so outrageous, here it is again. He said:
    1. Abortion (with exceptions) should be illegal.
    2. Women who seek abortions should be punished.

    #2 flies in the face of all previous US law, doubtless why his own lawyers told him to retract it immediately. Back when abortion was illegal, the only women prosecuted (rarely) were those who did it to themselves without another’s participation. Nearly all law enforcement efforts were solely focused on those who performed the procedure.

    As far as why it’s a narrative for the election, it’s what they call establishing a pattern of behavior. It’s one more item in a list the Dems are using to convince voters the GOP, and Trump especially, are “anti-woman”, not just anti-choice.


      1. You know I cannot imagine being in Trumps brain even for a few seconds as he is loaded with opinion upon opinion I was just weighing in on an issue or two I am passionate about but you are correct we cannot take care of the whole world I was not directing my frustration in your direction maybe sometimes I like to see myself talk. =) We are truly coming to a point where we have to take care of us because there is true evil out there looking to divide us.


      2. Hey buddy, I didn’t think for a moment you were directing your frustration in my direction, I get it. I know where you are coming from. I don’t know that we have ever gone down separate roads. 🙂


      3. I agree! I like your feed back my friend, it makes me think from another perspective, one that is intelligent…..too much stupidity going around. I can appreciate someone that speaks with logic. Never hesitate to respond back to me, even though we may not always agree. I also appreciate your civility. Thank you!

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  3. You know I am no fan of abortion. and planned parenthood has turned abortion into a form of birth control. and we wonder at the times we live in when Gods children are ripped from the womb instead of carried to term and given over to adoption agencies. I get it though you cannot talk about these subjects without a lot of butt hurt comments. The illegals situation is just as touchy and I refuse to coddle those in support of either of these issues perhaps some of the commentary is shame? I don’t know but I do not understand how so many Americans support abortion when the mother is in no danger? When we discuss the illegals issue then it becomes a humanity issue and why this nation cannot support millions of illegals and still have jobs and should it be our job to support people that stold themselves into our country?


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