Team Rubio Reportedly Behind Ted Cruz Adultery Story

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Republican front-runner Donald Trump has been widely vilified by the establishment media over the tabloid hit piece that alleges that Ted Cruz had affairs with five women. The candidate himself shrilly blamed Trump and his “henchmen” for the article, a sign that the billionaire iconoclast is deeply inside Ted’s head and running wild there. But according to some, the National Enquirer story may be the work of allies of the fallen idol Marco Rubio who dropped out of the race after being crushed in the Florida primary.

The Daily Beast has a story that pokes a big hole in the media and Cruz’s rush to judgement that Trump did it. The piece is entitled “Ted Cruz ‘Affair’ Rumors Peddled By Marco Rubio’s Allies”:

Cruz fired back on Friday, charging that the piece was baseless and that the Enquirer was taking its marching orders straight from “Donald Trump and…

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